Strength & Conditioning Mission Statement & Program Philosophy

Mission Statement

The mission of this program is to develop an elite High School Student-Athlete and leader.  Athletes in the Hornet Strength program will move with explosion, overcome mental adversity, and lead their teams through challenges with relentless effort. This program is designed to improve posture, mobility, flexibility, balance, core strength, and overall athleticism. The longer an athlete is in the program the more explosive, powerful, and stronger they will become. In addition, to core lifts such as Bench, Power clean, and Squat, athletes will work supplement exercises to strengthen common injury areas such as the back, knees, shoulders, ankles, and hamstrings.  This program is two parts. One-part injury prevention and movement mechanic improvement and second part maximum strength and explosion. This program completed with a high-quality effort and focus will prepare all athletes for game time success.


This program is designed to build athletes that display the EFFORT, ATTITUDE, ONE MORE Philosophy. We seek our athletes to be mentally harder and physically tougher than our opponents. Our training will push our athletes to develop RELENTLESS EFFORT and an UNSHAKABLE ATTITUDE in all life’s challenges.  We guide our philosophy by our STANDARD to be the BEST.

It is the belief of this program that relentless effort and an unshakable attitude is completely controllable by the athlete, and by our STANDARD the athlete WILL give a hundred percent in the areas they can control. Our athletes MUST learn how to overcome adversity and do everything possible to succeed. Failure is a compass for future success as it guides our STANDARD to uncover weakness and TRAIN the DOUBT OUT. Great leaders know how to bounce back and continue to work. Great leaders are Whatever It Takes people who will keep coming and will not give up! That is what our STANDARD demands of our ATHLETES. This program will teach the athlete how to embrace mental and physical pain, how to overcome failure, and find confidence in vulnerability.  We train to create fear in our opponents, dominate our competition, and attack adversity. We WILL give our ALL to PROTECT THE STANDARD. We always have ONE MORE.