Athletics Mission/Vision

                                          DEPARTMENT OF ATHLETICS


Educational Athletics are part of the overall educational program at Licking Heights Local Schools. We believe that participation in Athletics provides our students with a wide variety of rewarding experiences and the opportunity to develop many worthwhile traits. Participation in Athletics develops a student’s self-respect, self-discipline, character, leadership and decision-making skills as well as many other personal-social skills. Participation in Athletics also develops a knowledge base and appreciation of physical fitness which will promote continued physical activity as a lifetime goal. Participation provides Student-Athletes with experiences which enable them to learn to work with and cooperate with one another to accomplish a common goal, to create a respect for competition, and to develop a sense of good sportsmanship. We believe it is an honor and a privilege to represent Licking Heights Local Schools, our Alumni, fellow students, staff, and citizens of our district as a Hornet Student-Athlete.


The Department of Athletics of Licking Heights Local Schools will develop well-balanced and well-educated student-athletes that will be successful on the playing surfaces, school and in the community. The LH Department of Athletics will be known as a premier educational-based athletic program and a leader in coaches and athlete development in the state of Ohio and throughout the country while working in concert with the overall mission and vision of Licking Heights Local Schools, and by following the pillars of our core covenant: H.O.R.N.E.T.S. P.R.I.D.E.