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Hazing is against the law:
The State of Ohio’s Hazing Law is set forth in Section 2307.44 of the Ohio Revised Code. Any person who is subjected to hazing, as defined in division (A) of Section 2903.31 of the Revise Code, may commence a civil action for injury or damages, including mental and physical pain and suffering, that result from the hazing. The action may be brought against any participants in the hazing, any organization whose local or national directors, trustees, or officers authorized, requested, commanded, or tolerated the hazing. If the hazing involves students in a primary, secondary, or post-secondary school, university, college, or any other educational institution, an action may also be brought against any administrator, employee, or faculty member of the school, university, college, or other educational institution. If an administrator, employee, or faculty member is found liable in a civil action for hazing, then notwithstanding Chapter 2743 of the Revised Code, the school, university, college, or other educational institution that employed the administrator, employee, or faculty member may also be held liable. The negligence or consent of the plaintiff or any assumption of the risk by the plaintiff is not a defense to an action brought pursuant to this section. In an action against a school, university, college, or other educational institution, it is an affirmative defense that the school, university, college or other institution was actively enforcing a policy against hazing at the time the cause of action arose.

Section 2903.31
(A) As used in this section, “hazing” means doing any act or coercing another, including the victim, to do any act of initiation into any student or other organization that causes or creates a substantial risk of causing mental or physical harm to any person.
(B) (1) No person shall recklessly participate in the hazing of another.
      (2) No administrator, employee, or faculty member of any primary, secondary, or post-secondary school or of any other educational institution, public or private, shall recklessly permit the hazing of any person.
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